Training Day

My first time at Mt. Tamalpais was nothing short of amazing. I wanted to stop and take 8,930 pics from one spot but @tlk13 and @independentcbh kept tellin me that it’ll get better once we get to the top 😆. Once we got there, being THAT high above the clouds and above everything made me feel thankful for all the good things that’s going on in my life, Thankful for all the dope people I met on this journey in life and photography, and that all the not so great things ain’t that bad at all. That there will always be a solution for it. It’s crazy how certain landscapes or cityscape just make you sit back and re-evaluate your situation. Even if it’s for 5,10,30 mins that you’re up there. It triggers your mind and just humbles the shit out of you. AND To have OFFICIALLY been able to flick with my@streetsofsf fam was so dope yesterday.@independentcbh @henrylphotography and @tlk13. Again. Thank y’all for everything. 🙏🙏🙏 Also dope officially meeting @mikkeey and @yazbadri…y’all some coo folks 🙏